A unique experience of “Horse Riding Routes”

In “El Manchón” we have designed made to measure routes for horseriding for all levels and with specific horses for beginners and advanced levels.
All riders will enjoy our routes.

El Sauzal >
Paisaje Protegido Las Lagunetas

Ruote 1

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Duration*: 1h. 15′ + 20′ approach with the horse.
Beginners level

Ideal route for nature lovers who want to begin in the passionate world of horseriding.
Also suitable for people with basic knowledge of riding who want a pleasant experience among pure nature.

Residents 25€
Non residents 35€

El Sauzal >
Panoramic La Orotava Valley

Route 2

Ruta 2

Duration*: 2h. + 20′ approach with the horse.
Medium level

We will walk and trot through thick forests in which we will also have the oportunity to enjoy a gallop on our mounts.
Half way through the route we will have the pleasure of tasting typical Canarian products**.

Residents 40€
Non residents 50€

El Sauzal >
Las Lagunetas

Route 3


Duration*: 4h. 30′ + 20′ approach with the horse.
Medium level

This route is designed to totally enjoy riding and nature. We will walk, trot and break into a gallop and we will enjoy a fantastic lunch deep in the countryside that will complete an unforgettable experience.

Residents 60€
No residents 70€

Two Days on the Horseback

Route 4

The creme de la creme of all routes. A mixture of all our excursions. We will have the oportunity to live a unique adventure and stay overnight with our mounts in an unforgettable place like famous riders from the legends.

Information and reservations 603 877 559

All our routes include

*Estimated times according to the level of the riders / Amazons. ** Optional extra 10 €. *** According to level and availability.